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Pro Bono Defense Application


Payne Law Firm is proud to maintain a select number of
pro bono matters on our caseload.

  • Review the criteria for consideration as a pro bono client.

  • Applications are reviewed every Friday. Compatible applicants are then invited to a meeting with one of the firm's attorneys to discuss representation.

  • Information submitted on this application is confidential.

  • Submitting an application here does not create an attorney-client relationship or guarantee acceptance as a pro bono client. Payne Law Firm does not represent you in any way and cannot provide legal advice in your matter until and unless a written client agreement is signed by both you and by the firm.



Brannen Payne, Trial Attorney

Managing Partner

How to benefit from fully customized representation:

Based on the unique facts of your case and the personalized defense roadmap that we craft, there is no limit to the number of outcomes that we may be able to achieve for you. Based on your goals and desires, we'll be able to fight to:

  • Beat Your Charge Completely

  • Keep you out of jail or prison

  • Keep you off of probation

  • Save your Drivers' License or Commercial License

  • Save money on fines, fees, and court costs

  • Or achieve another goal that's important to you.


Our clients usually love this part of the process, because it means that we get to sit down together to custom tailor your level of representation based on the outcome that we're after.

On top of that, we have an incredible client contact policy that is second to none. We work hard to keep you updated on the status of your case every step of the way. Our policy is always to answer questions and inquiries immediately, when possible, to ensure that you're never left hanging or wondering about your case.


That's actually one of the number one complaints against attorneys in general, and we've worked hard for years to ensure that our clients are always kept up to speed! When it's not possible to answer your question or call immediately, we ensure that messages are promptly returned by the end of each workday. If you're in 5:00pm on a weekday, you're getting an answer that day!

(!!) Criteria for Application as a Pro Bono Client

1. You have a criminal case in Washington, Madison, or Benton County, Arkansas.

2. You are cooperative, respectful, and pleasant to interact with.

3. You always keep scheduled appointments.


4. You have a limited criminal record (no recent felonies or significant misdemeanors).


5. You are motivated to do your homework in fighting this charge.

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